Iran Watch - Launch letter

Welcome to Iran Watch!

The Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control is proud to announce the launch of a new web site, With more than 20,000 pages of material, Iran Watch is a comprehensive repository of open source information about Iran's suspected mass destruction weapon programs. The site contains a compendium of official documentation on Iran and two unique databases: first, a list of organizations linked to Iran's suspected weapon programs; second, a list of foreign companies known to have supplied those programs.

In Iran Watch you will find:

  • Status report: A continuously updated account of Iran's progress toward mass destruction weaponry and the world's efforts to stop it.
  • Iran's nuclear timetable: A regularly updated compilation of data that tracks Iran's progress in uranium enrichment. This timetable shows how close Iran is to being able to fuel a nuclear weapon.
  • Sanctions tally: A regularly updated list of the Iranian entities that have been hit with financial sanctions by the United States, the European Union and the United Nations. Each entity's name is linked to a description of its activities, the date on which the sanction occurred, and a link to the authority for the designation.
  • Weapon programs: Brief histories of Iran's WMD programs, plus other background information on those programs.
  • Iran's suspect entities: Open-source descriptions of over two hundred suspect Iranian entities linked to WMD activities.
  • Iran's suppliers: Data on more than one hundred foreign entities known to have supplied Iran with sensitive equipment and know-how.
  • Our publications: Articles, congressional testimony and speeches on Iran's mass destruction weapon capability by the Wisconsin Project, as well as bimonthly Iran Watch bulletins and results from our roundtable series.
  • The Iran Watch library: Documents related to Iran's mass destruction programs produced by international organizations, by national governments and by private organizations. This section includes the full text of IAEA inspection reports and relevant documents from the European Union and the United Nations; reports, hearings, legislation, press releases and policy statements by the United States, Iran and other governments; and publications on Iran by private analysts and scholars.
  • Reactions to Iran's WMD efforts: Summaries of key developments in Iran's nuclear and missile programs, and reactions to these events from around the world.
  • Useful links: Access to websites related to Iran maintained by international organizations, governments and private groups.

What's more, all of Iran Watch is word searchable and freely available to the public. You may also click on Subscribe to Iran Watch to receive special notice of new information on the site, ask questions, or provide comments.

Iran Watch provides "one stop shopping" for everything that is publicly known about Iran's mass destruction weapon status. It will serve as a useful research tool for policy-makers, the media, private scholars and the general public.

Point of Contact:
Valerie Lincy
Editor, Iran Watch
[email protected]