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Articles and Reports, Wisconsin Project Investigations
August 2, 2012
Nearly four years after the United States first sanctioned the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and its fleet, the company appears to be struggling to stay afloat. IRISL has been scrambling in recent months, setting up new front companies, dissolving others, swapping personnel, re-naming vessels, and re-flagging ships to...
Articles and Reports, Wisconsin Project Investigations
April 9, 2010
In September 2008, the United States blacklisted Iran's state shipping company and its fleet of 123 vessels because of the company's role in supplying Iran's weapon programs. Soon after, in an effort to evade this sanction, the company began a large-scale re-labeling of its ships, giving them new names, new managers, new "owners" - in short, new...
Articles and Reports, Wisconsin Project Investigations
December 15, 2009
As the United States tries to muster support for stronger international sanctions against Iran, there is mounting evidence that the United States itself is not devoting the resources needed to enforce its own sanctions - notably against companies arming Iran. Tough laws have been enacted to punish such companies, but these laws are not being...