ABAN Commercial and Industrial Co.

Also Known As: 

Aban Commercial & Industrial Ltd.
ABAN Commercial & Industrial Group
Goruh-e San'ati va Bazargani-e Aban

Weapon Program: 

  • Military

Related Country: 

  • China


No. 118 end of Resalat St., Damavand Rd, Tehran, Iran
P.O. Box 16765-474, Tehran, Iran


+ 98-2177309728


+ 98-2177309725

Was provided dual-use materials by Li Fang Wei and LIMMT, which were indicted on April 7, 2009, by the District Attorney's Office of New York County on charges relating to the misuse of Manhattan banks and the proliferation of illicit missile and nuclear technology to Iran; in November 2006, was directed by Li Fang Wei to pay for 2,000 kg of tungsten metal powder shipped from LIMMT to Aban; in May 2007, an additional 15,000 kg of tungsten metal powder (with claimed purity of 99.97% and particle size of 5.5-6.5m) was waiting in port for confirmation; in February 2007, was invoiced by LIMMT for 200 pieces of graphite cylinders for an Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM-15) in the amount of £89,000, and in August 2007 was directed to pay for the last shipment of graphite cylinders; in May 2007, was invoiced by Li Fang Wei for 400 pieces of tungsten-copper alloy plates in the amount of £1,480,000, and was directed in September 2007 to clear the cargo for the first 100 pieces of tungsten-copper alloy plates; contracted for 30,900 kg of tungsten copper alloy from Advanced Technology & Materials Co. Ltd. of Beijing in exchange for £2.1 million and made additional orders in 2008; by the end of March 2008, reportedly had been sent 215 pieces of tungsten copper; reportedly had accounts at the Rome branch of Bank Sepah.

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June 30, 2009

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May 6, 2014