About Us

Iran Watch is a comprehensive website that monitors Iran’s capability for building unconventional weapons and long-range missiles.  The purpose of the website is to increase public awareness of the strategic situation in Iran and to make detailed knowledge of Iran’s weapon potential available to policymakers, the media, private scholars and the general public. 

Iran Watch contains reports on Iran's nuclear and chemical weapon-related and missile programs, profiles of the entities involved in or supporting these programs, and analysis of the international effort halt them.

Iran Watch is comprised of eight components, including:

  • Policy Briefs on Iran’s weapon-related activity and international efforts to stop it
  • Histories of Iran’s Weapon Programs, plus other background information on those programs
  • Information on Iran sanctions and their Enforcement, including a digest of international enforcement actions and Wisconsin Project investigations on sanctions
  • Open source profiles of hundreds of Iranian Entities with links to proliferation
  • Open source profiles of hundreds of Suppliers to Iran's proliferation programs
  • A Library of documents related to Iran drawn from public and private sources
  • Publications by the Wisconsin Project related to Iran, including articles, reports, congressional testimony, speeches, and the findings from roundtable discussions, as well a digest of world reactions to key weapon-related developments in Iran
  • A subscription feature that allows visitors to Sign Up and receive updates by e-mail

Iran Watch is a website published by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control.  The Wisconsin Project carries out research and public education designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, chemical/biological weapons and long-range missiles.  It is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, D.C. founded in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin.

The principal researcher for Iran Watch is Valerie Lincy, who is the Project's Executive Director.  Ms. Lincy graduated from Smith College and received an M.S. in foreign service from Georgetown University.  Before coming to the Project, she worked in the Paris bureau of the New York Times and several at Washington-based non-profit institutes.

Gary Milhollin, who is the Project's President, provides overall editorial and technical guidance for Iran Watch. Professor Milhollin was a member of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin Law School for more than twenty years.  He holds degrees in engineering and law, and was an Administrative Judge, part-time, at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for more than a decade.

In addition, Iran Watch has benefited from the contributions of past researchers including Simon Chin, Warren Marshall, Jerrica Goodson, and Mana Mostatabi.