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International Enforcement Actions
October 31, 2019
The United States recently exposed a scheme by two individuals to procure export-controlled U.S. and Canadian equipment with nuclear applications on behalf of an end user in Iran. The timing of the conspiracy highlights Iran's continued efforts to illicitly obtain Western technology despite the implementation of the JCPOA in January 2016.
Policy Briefs
October 28, 2019
On May 8, 2018, President Donald J. Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. Effective immediately, U.S. nuclear sanctions on Iran were reinstated and the President warned that "any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States."
Weapon Program Background Report
October 22, 2019
This chronology tracks chemical weapon-related developments involving Iran, from its accession to the Geneva Protocol in 1929, through the use of chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War, Iran's CW-related procurement from foreign suppliers, and U.S. sanctions targeting entities involved in these procurement efforts.
International Enforcement Actions
October 7, 2019
On June 6, 2017, Iranian citizen Alireza Jalali was arrested at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport upon his arrival from Malaysia. Ten days later, Australian authorities made a related arrest of another Iranian citizen, Negar Ghodskani, based on a U.S. extradition request.

Iranian Entities

Missile, Military
Led a procurement network which facilitated tens of millions of dollars in proliferation-related transactions involving U.S. technology and electronic components for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iran's missile program.
Missile, Military
Leading industrial and military subsidiary of Iran's Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL); oversees Iran's missile production.


Supplied hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of aluminum products to Iran Centrifuge Technology Company (TESA), which produces centrifuges for Iran's uranium enrichment program.
Sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of metals to Iran Centrifuge Technology Company (TESA), which produces centrifuges for Iran's uranium enrichment program.

Unconventional Weapon Programs

Visit program-specific pages for information about Iran's nuclear and chemical weapon-related efforts and Iran's missile program.