FHM Electronics Co.

Also Known As: 

  • FHM Electronics
  • FHM Electronics Tabriz

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  • Military


Unit 3, No. 15 Mordad St., Golha Development, Tehransar, Tehran, Iran


+9821 44565371-2


+9821 44511998


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An Iranian state-owned electronics company that researches and designs control-based technologies for the naval, maritime, aerospace, and defense industries.

Researches and develops industrial automation, navigation, and optical guidance systems; has conducted research on the use of drones in the maritime industry, on landscape vision simulation software, and on three-dimensional autopilot guidance systems for submarines.

Designs software for ballistic flight equations and for signal, video, and image processing; creates hardware systems that include three-axis accelerometer blocks, gyroscopes, GPS, and encoders; produces stabilization platforms, anti-explosion cameras, cameras for heavy weapon systems, military and industrial computers, wave simulator platforms, and surface and subsurface autopilot systems.

Was commissioned by the Defense Industries Organization to design hardware and software, including a 128-channel analogue recording, display, and data acquisition system capable of recording and displaying up to 4 million samples per second.

Company logo stamped on components, including guidance system circuit boards, from an "explosive boat" seized by Emirati forces while en route to the Houthis in Yemen; the boat's autopilot software reportedly contained GPS coordinates for the location of an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps research organization in Tehran; the components were displayed publicly by the United States as part of evidence that Iran may be in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions 2231 and 2216.

Claims to be a distributor of marine products produced by several Japan-based companies, including TOKYO KEIKI INC., Saura Marine Supply, and Koden Electronics.

Is a member of the Iranian Association of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering.

Key personnel include Farhad Fatoorehchi (managing director and chairman of the board of directors) and Solmaz Alizadegan (vice chairman of the board of directors).

Company registration number is 261604; incorporated in 1996.

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