Kala Naft

Also Known As: 

Manufacturing, Support and Procurement Kala Naft Company
MSP-KalaNaft Company
MSP Kala Naft Co. Tehran
Kala Naft Co. SSK
Kala Naft Company Ltd.
Kala Naft Tehran
Kala Naft Tehran Company
Kala Limited
Kala Naft Canada
Kala Naft Company
Kala Naft London Ltd

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear
  • Chemical
  • Biological


Sepahbod Gharani Avenue, P.O.Box: 15815/1775 or 15815/3446, Tehran, Iran
NIOC House, 4 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0NE, England, United Kingdom
1102, 233-7 Avenue, S.W. Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2Z1, Canada


9821-71041, (+98 21) 882019, (+98 21) 88912231, 44-207-340-5000, 403-266-4222


(+98 21) 8802657, 9821 8802843, 44-207-340-5103, 403-266-4454 



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Procurement arm of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

Added to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on June 16, 2010; removed from the SDN list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action; listed by the European Union on July 26, 2010 as an entity linked to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran's development of nuclear weapon delivery systems; removed from the E.U. list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Listed by the Japanese government in 2015 as an entity of concern for proliferation relating to biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons; listed by the British government in 2015 as an entity of potential concern for WMD-related procurement; identified by the British government in February 1998 as having procured goods and/or technology for weapons of mass destruction programs.

Attempted to procure bellows seals for the Tehran Oil Refining Company, but the procurement was denied on December 1, 2004, by a member state of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG); has offices in London (Kala Limited), Beijing, Moscow, the United Arab Emirates, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Kala Naft Canada); established 1983.

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October 15, 2007

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January 16, 2016