Machine Sazi Tabriz

Also Known As: 

Mashin Sazi Tabriz
Machine Sazi Tabriz Co.
Machine Sazi Tabriz Group
Machine Sazi Tabriz Ssa

Weapon Program: 

  • Military


- 270, Opposite of Iran Carpet Museum, North Kargar Street, Tehran
- IR-51800 Tabriz, P.O. Box 518-183, Gharamalak Industrial District, Tabriz
- Gharamalek Industrial District, Tabriz, 51977, Iran
- Ghara Malak Dist., Tabriz Iran (factory)
- No. 270, North Kargar Ave., Tehran 14185, Iran


98-21-939-894, 934-114, 924-626, 898-790, 98-411-2898770, 98-21-643-1430, 642-0107, 6642-0107, 98-21-642-0108, 6643-1430, 642-0148-50, 98-411-289-5669 (Export Department), 98-411-289-3992, 98-411-289-5009, 98-411-289-8129, 98-411-289-5035


98-21-927-998, 898-798, 98-411-289-8798, 98-21-643-7779, 6643-7779, 98-411-289-5669 (Export Department)


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Subsidiary of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) of Iran; products include computer numerically controlled (CNC) and other milling and turning machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, machining centers, and tooling; also manufactures universal and CNC lathe machines and CNC centering machines, and reportedly foundry parts and boring machines; services include tool design and manufacturing, metrology and calibration, and laboratory services (including metallography, spectrometric, and chemical laboratory services, raw material analysis, and heat treatment).

Clients in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Malaysia, Libya, Ireland, Bangladesh, and Austria; reportedly built as an engineering complex with aid from Czechoslovakia; reported Managers Dr. M.J. Nategh and Majeid Khodabakhsh; Export Manager P. Oskoie; established in 1967.

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January 26, 2004

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April 30, 2010