One Class Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Also Known As: 

One Class Incorporated
One Class

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  • South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa

A South Africa-based company involved in transferring funds from Iran and facilitating financial transactions to circumvent U.S. and international sanctions.

Part of the Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order (EIKO) international financial network, which acts on behalf of the Government of Iran; managed by Tosee Eqtesad Ayandehsazan Company (TEACO), an EIKO subsidiary; EIKO reportedly intended to use One Class Properties to buy a bank and an insurance company; 49% of shares are held by One Vision Investments 5 (Pty) Ltd. and 51% by the Government of Iran.

Holds investments in commercial and residential properties in the Cape Town area; South African enterprise number is 2005/001372/07; Gholam Hossein Amouhadi, managing director of One Vision Investments 5, is reportedly one of four managing directors of One Class Properties; Taj Anvary is reportedly corporate director.

Established in 2005.


As part of the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran, added on November 5, 2018 to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), freezing its assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibiting transactions with U.S. parties, pursuant to Executive Order 13599, which targets entities controlled by the Government of Iran and Iranian financial institutions; foreign parties facilitating transactions for the entity or otherwise assisting the entity are subject to U.S. sanctions.

Previously added to the SDN list on June 4, 2013, pursuant to Executive Order 13599; removed from the SDN list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but identified as a part of the Government of Iran, prohibiting transactions with U.S. parties.

Date Entered: 

January 13, 2016

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December 10, 2018