Saeed Valadbaigi

Also Known As: 

Saeed Valad
Saeed Baigi
سعید ولدبیگی

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear
  • Missile

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  • Malaysia


- Unit 1, Block 2, Milad Bldg, Artesh Exp Way, Tehran, Iran
- P.O. Box 49144, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


+98 2122457890
+98 2122456079
+971 97148832444

An Iranian businessman; controls the operations of United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based companies Super Alloys LLC and Emirates Alloys LLC, Malaysia-based company NBH Industries, and Georgia-based company Georgia Petrochemical and Aviatech; allegedly used these companies to illegally send U.S.-origin export controlled materials to Iran.

Indicted on July 27, 2016 in the Northern District of Illinois, for allegedly attempting to export nuclear nonproliferation-controlled materials and exporting materials used in the missile and aerospace industries from the United States to Iran via Belgium, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the UAE without the required licenses; charges include three counts of wire fraud, two counts of attempting to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, one count of illegally exporting articles from the United States, and one count of making false statements on a U.S. export form.

In September 2007, placed an order with a U.S. company in Schaumburg, Illinois for 1,800 feet of 7075 T6 aluminum tubing with an outside diameter of 4.125 inches and an ultimate tensile strength of 572 megapascals (ECCN 1C202.a), to be exported to Super Alloys LLC in the UAE; after determining that Super Alloy's general manager was in Iran and the company located at Super Alloy's address in Dubai was an Iranian company named Sina Mountain General Trading, the U.S. Department of Commerce denied the export license; in July 2011, Valadbaigi directed the U.S.-based supplier to send the order to Belgian company Industrial Metals and Commodities (IMC), controlled by co-conspirator Nicholas Kaiga; U.S. law enforcement replaced the controlled 7075 aluminum with non-controlled 6061 aluminum; the shipment arrived in Belgium in December 2011 and was exported to Valadbaigi's Malaysian company NBH Industries in February 2012; in October 2012, both Kaiga and Valadbaigi spoke by phone to a U.S. undercover agent purporting to work for the U.S.-based company, complaining that the wrong material had been shipped; in November 2012, Valadbaigi sent a picture of the 6061 aluminum from an IP address registered to an Internet Service Provider in Iran.

In September 2008, placed an order with a U.S. company in Schaumburg, Illinois for 300 feet of 4130 steel tubing and 17,543 pounds of 9310 steel bars to be exported to Super Alloys LLC in the UAE; 4130 steel and 9310 steel are classified by the Commerce Department as EAR99 and generally unregulated for export, except to embargoed locations, including Iran; in November 2009, directed the U.S. company to change the destination of the orders to IMC in Belgium, from where it was transshipped to NBH Industries in Malaysia.

In March 2009, allegedly placed an order for titanium sheets from a U.S. company in Northbrook, Illinois for export to Georgia Petrochemical and Aviatech; in May 2009, the titanium sheets were transshipped to the UAE; unable to send the titanium sheets directly from the UAE to Iran, they were exported from the UAE to Malaysia, where they were turned over to a freight forwarder in June 2009 for transshippment to Iran.

In July 2012, allegedly placed an order for acrylic sheets from a U.S. company in Stamford, Connecticut; in August 2012, directed the company to send the shipment to Belgium, then in November 2012 changed the destination to China, and in December 2012, changed the destination to Hong Kong, from where he attempted to transship the acrylic sheets to Iran.

Co-conspirator Nicholas Kaiga pleaded guilty on December 4, 2014 to one count of attempting to violate U.S. export control regulations and was sentenced to 27 months prison followed by two years of supervised release on March 3, 2015.

An Iranian citizen, living in Tehran; considered a fugitive by the United States since July 28, 2016; 56 years old as of June 2018.

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July 10, 2018

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July 10, 2018