Shahid Darvishi Marine Industries

Also Known As: 

Darvishi Marine Industrial Company
Shahid Darvishi Offshore Industries
Shahid Darvishi Industries
Darvishi Marine Industries
Sh. Darvishi Marine Industries Group
Sanaye Daryaei Shahid Darvishi
Shahid Darvishi Shipbuilding Company
Shaheed Darvishi Shipyard Complex
Shahid Darvishi Shipyard
Sh. Darvishi Shipyard
Shahid Darvishi Complex
Darvishi Marine Industrial Co
Shahid Darvishi Marine Inds Co
MIG (Marine Industrial Group) Darvishi
Shahid Darvishi Sea Industry
Sea Industry - Darvishi
Shahid Darvishi ship complex
Shahid Darvishi Industrial Complex
D.I.O. Shahid Darvishi Complex
Shahid Darvishi Naval Industries Complex
Shahid Darvishi Naval Industries
Martyr Darvishi Naval Industries
Martyr Darvishi Marine
Martyr Darvishi Marine Industries Complex
Martyr Darvishi Industrial Complex
Martyr Darvishi
Shahid Darvishi
Shahid Darvishi naval shipbuilding complex
Shahid Darvishi Factories Group
Darvishi Shipyard

Weapon Program: 

  • Military


- Tahmores Street 11, Mofateh Avenue, Tehran
- Tahmores Street 11, Mofateh Ave., 7th Tir Square, Teheran, Iran
- Next to Khalij Fars Shipbuilding, 35km west of Bandar Abbas
- Bandar Abbas
- Zobe Ahan Ave no 460, Karaj
- No. 11, Tahmoureth Alley, Moffateh Street, 7th Tir SQ., Tehran, Isl. Republic of IRAN


0761-5553955; 021-88837766; 0761-553955-6


0761-5553864; 021-88821469


Listed by the Japanese government in 2003 as an entity of concern for proliferation relating to chemical weapons, but has not been relisted subsequently; affiliated with Marine Industries Group (MIG), a subsidiary of Iran's Defense Industries Organization (DIO).

Designs and builds a variety of ships, including military vessels and submarines; reportedly has Iran's largest naval dock, in Bandar Abbas; reportedly houses production line for "Ghadir" midget submarines; reportedly delivered 74 high-speed boats and support vessels to Iran's naval forces on February 22, 2008; founded in 1989 in the city of Bandar Abbas (Abbas Port) in southern Iran.

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January 26, 2004

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August 31, 2009