Shahid Julaei Offshore Industries

Also Known As: 

Shahid Julaei Industries
Shahid Joulaei Offshore Industries
Shahid Jolaei Offshore Industries
Joolaee Marine Industries
Jolaee Marine Industries
Shahid Jolaei Industries
Shahid Joolaee ship Complex
Goolaee Marine Industries
Shahid Joolaee Marine Industrial Complex
Shahid Jula'i Complex
Shahid Joolaee Marine Industries
Shahid Joola'i Boat Manufacturing
Shahid Joolaei Marine Industrial Complex

Weapon Program: 

  • Military


- Department 143-6, Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran
- Saveh Road, Km 14, after Pole Satareh, Tehran, Iran
- P.O. Box 33135-166, Tehran, Iran
- 14 km Saveh Road After Shatareh Flyover, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
- 14 km Saveh Road, Tehran, Iran
- Km 14 of Eslamshahr Rd., Tehran


55245352-3; 5245350-3


55245351; 5245351


Affiliated with Marine Industries Group (MIG), a subsidiary of the Iranian Defense Industries Organization (DIO); listed as an entity of concern for military procurement activities in an early warning list distributed by the German government to industry in July 2005; the German government urged caution when initiating commercial dealings with this entity, and suggested that because this entity is involved with both military and civilian projects, civilian use must be shown by specific and verifiable evidence; designs and builds a variety of boats, including coast guard boats, and produces power plant chilling towers, single and double-wall tanks, and chemical tank insulation; established in Tehran in 1986.

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November 5, 2009

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November 5, 2009