T.S.S. Co

Also Known As: 

Three Star Services Co.

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear
  • Missile


Tehran, Iran

Designated by the Canadian government in July 2010 as an entity contributing to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or to its development of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or their delivery systems; designation prohibits Canadian parties from providing goods or financial services to the entity or dealing in property held by the entity.

Listed by the British government in 2011 as an entity of potential concern for WMD-related procurement; listed by the Japanese government in 2010 as an entity of concern for proliferation relating to missiles and nuclear weapons.

Reportedly the intended recipient of 10 metric tons of aluminum sheeting from two German companies; reportedly received aluminum parts from Manfred J. C. Niemann, a German metalware manufacturer, for over a year before the alleged illegal deals were stopped by German authorities in May 2005.

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Date Entered: 

July 13, 2011

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July 13, 2011