Draft agreement on cooperation with Export Development Bank of Iran

March 25, 2009

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Place: Ministry of External Relations, Brasilia.

During the meeting of high Excellency Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Motaky, with the Brazilian Officials, the Committee on Financial and Banking relations between Brazil and Iran was held in Brasilia at the Ministry of External Relations. The focus of the meeting was on the development of mutual financial co-operation and on the discussion on how to overcome the main obstacles facing economic cooperation between Brazil and Iran.

The meeting was directed from Brazilian party by Counsellor Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos, Head of the Trade Promotion Programmes Division of the Ministry of External Relations, and, from Iranian party, by Dr Kourosh Parvizian, Managing Director of Export Development Bank of Iran.

Meanwhile, by presenting and exchanging of points of view of two parties the following topics were mutually agreed by the representatives of Brazilian and Iranian delegation:

1- To discuss the possibility of establishing financial mechanisms to facilitate export and import of goods and services by both countries, including re-exporting operations of Brazilian and Iranian goods and services to third countries.

2- To study investments in joint projects in both countries and the establishment of joint companies to expand the mutual economic co-operation. .

3- To sign a MOU between the Central Banks for exchanging information on regulatory issues of the financial systems of both countries.

4- To organise technical and banking committees to establish and facilitate banking cooperation between Brazil and Iran.

5- To determine a date for the banking delegations to visit both countries to finalise fundamental issues of banking co-operation.

6- To reach effective progress in the issues above mentioned before the Joint Economic Commission meeting.

For: For:

Islamic Republic of Iran delegation

Federative Republic of Brazil delegation
Dr Kourosh Parvizian Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos

Attended by:



Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos

Head of Trade Promotion Programmes Division

Ministry of External Relations of Brazil

Lucia Helena Monteiro Souza

Secretaria de Comércio Exterior

Ministeriodo Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior

Ronaldo Malagoni de Cavalcante

Head of External Debt and Int'l. Relations Department.

Banco Central do Brazil

Adriano Pereira Rubin Silva

Chefe de Divisão

Banco Central do Brazil

Luciene Machado
Área de Comércio Exterior
Sheila Ribeiro Ferreira
André Luiz Bobroff

Assessoria Internacional
Vitor Sawczuk
Gerente Executivo

Casa Civil da Presidência da República

Ministério do Planejamento, Orçamento e Gestão

Seguradora Brasileira de Crédito a Exportação S.A



Dr Kourosh Parvizian

Managing Director

Export Development Bank of Iran

Mr Yaghobi

Member of Board

Iran Investment Co.

Rahim Faramarzi

Executive President

Banco Internacional de Desarrollo C.A

Ramazan Parvas

Economic Cooperation Officer

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ahad Fateh

Second secretary

Embassy of Iran, Brasilia