Canada Expresses Concern over Iranian Missile Test

May 21, 2009

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today expressed deep concern over Iran's May 20 test launch of a medium-range missile.

"Canada calls on Iran to immediately cease its ballistic missile programs and engage positively in reaching peaceful solutions to its regional concerns," said Minister Cannon. "Provocative actions such as this missile test run counter to efforts to reduce tensions in the region."

The test launch of the Sajjil-2, a medium-range ballistic missile with a reported range of close to 2,000 kilometres, follows several similar missile tests by Iran in 2008, and demonstrates its continued efforts to develop missile technology for military purposes. Yesterday's test is especially worrisome in light of Iran's continued disregard for several United Nations Security Council resolutions on its nuclear program, and its failure to reassure the international community of the program's exclusively peaceful purpose.

"Iran's missile tests undermine its relationship with the international community and further erode the world's trust regarding its intentions in the region," said Minister Cannon. "Canada continues to call on Iran to comply immediately and fully with its legal obligations concerning its nuclear program, as set out in Security Council resolutions."