Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu Receives Joint Interview on the Six Countries and the EU's Dialogue with Iran on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

May 21, 2012

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A new round of dialogue on the Iranian nuclear issue between the six countries and the EU and Iran will be held in Baghdad on May 23. Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu will lead a delegation to attend the meeting. On May 21, Ma received a joint interview by reporters in Lanting Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ma said that the six countries, the EU and Iran resumed dialogue in Istanbul in April this year and achieved positive results which were highly recognized by the international community. After more than one month, they will gather together again. This reflects the desire of parties concerned to solve the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation. The success of the dialogue in Baghdad will be of great significance to consolidating the positive momentum of dialogue and cooperation and further stabilizing the nuclear situation in Iran and maintaining regional peace and stability.

He noted that the international community places hope on the dialogue in Baghdad. However, the Iranian nuclear issue is very complex and it will take time to solve it. Parties concerned should strengthen their faith and be practical and realistic at the same time. China has three expectations for the dialogue. First, parties concerned must move forward. The dialogue in Istanbul made a steady start for the dialogue process. China hopes the dialogue in Bagdad will open the process of substantive negotiations. Second, parties concerned should make active efforts and be pragmatic. They should endeavor to seek and expand consensus, properly handle differences and gradually build up mutual trust. Third, parties concerned should conduct open and honest exchanges. They should take care of each other's concerns in the spirit of mutual benefit so as to create a good atmosphere for the dialogue.

He pointed out that whether the dialogue on the Iranian nuclear issue can achieve progress depends on the concerted efforts of all parties. On the Iranian nuclear issue, China always adheres to the just position and tries to promote peaceful talks. We will stay in close touch with related parties and play an active and constructive role to promote progress of the dialogue in Bagdad.