China Expects a Good Beginning of the Iranian Nuclear Issue Dialogue

April 13, 2012

On April 12, 2012, Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu arrived at Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey to attend the dialogue between the six countries and Iran on the Iranian nuclear issue to be held here on April 14. He told the reporters in the airport that China has been promoting peace talks tirelessly and hopes the dialogue makes a good beginning.

China is glad that the dialogue and negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue which has stopped for more than one year is about to resume, said Ma. This is the result of the efforts of all parties concerned. As a member of the six-country mechanism, China has been making unremitting efforts to promote peace talks and played a constructive role in the process of resuming the talks.

He noted that to promote progress of the dialogue under the current situation has great significance to stabilizing the Iranian nuclear situation and maintaining regional peace and stability and complies with the fundament interests of all parties concerned and the common aspiration of the international community. We hope related parties seize the opportunity to conduct sincere and in-depth dialogue and try to keep the process of constructive dialogue, gradually build trust and make a good beginning for the settlement of the issue.

He elaborated the three expectations of the Chinese side for the dialogue: first, make a smooth start and open a constructive and sustained dialogue process; second, respect each other and take care of each other's concerns to create a positive momentum and atmosphere; third, seek common ground while reserving differences and make parallel efforts in a rational, flexible and pragmatic attitude to promote positive results of the dialogue.

When answering questions of the reporters, he said that the Iranian nuclear issue, being complex and sensitive, cannot be solved overnight and will unavoidably experience some twists and turns. He hopes parties concerned strengthen confidence, remain patient, hold onto the general direction of dialogue and negotiation and try to narrow differences through the dialogue.

No matter how the situation changes, China's objective of promoting dialogue and negotiation, principle of promoting peace talks and determination of maintaining regional and world peace and stability will never change, added he.

He pointed out that during this round of dialogue China will continue to take a positive and constructive attitude to engage in close communication with all the relevant parties and play its part to advance the dialogue.

The last round of negotiation between Iran and China, the US, the UK, France, Russia and Germany was held in Istanbul, Turkey on January 22 last year. The talks did not achieve substantial results due to fundamental differences between the two sides on the issue of uranium enrichment.