Press Conference with Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang on China-Russia Summit Meeting (Excerpts)

March 21, 2006

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Q: Will the Iranian nuclear issue and the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula become major items on the agenda of China-Russia summit meeting? How does China comment on Russia's proposal on building a uranium enrichment facility within the territory of Russia? How does China view the effort made by Iranian president in the course of solving the Iranian nuclear issue through negotiation? Do China and Russia concur with each other on this issue?

A: Both China and Russia are big countries and permanent members of the UN Security Council. During President Putin's visit to China, the leaders of the two countries will make in-depth exchange of views on the international and regional situation at larger scale, in addition to bilateral relations and major issues. The Iranian nuclear issue and the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula will be on the agenda, because China and Russia play part in the solution of both the two issues with a constructive attitude. We share the same goal, that is, hope to solve the two issues peacefully through negotiation, so as to contribute to the peace and stability of the region and the world as a whole.

We hold that there is still room for a solution of the Iranian nuclear issue at the negotiation table. The parties concerned should continue to show their patience and flexibility, in order to create favorable conditions for the proper solution of this issue. China and Russia share views in common on the peaceful and proper solution of the issue and are staying in close contact and consultation with other parties concerned. We believe that Russia's proposal is after all a helpful explorative effort that may break the impasse and move the issue closer to proper solution. We support all plans and efforts that may contribute to the proper solution of this issue.

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Q: France and Britain referred a resolution together to the UN Security Council on Iranian nuclear issue to request Iran for the suspension of uranium enrichment activities and also set the final time limit. It is reported that China and Russia is not supportive of the resolution, what is China's position on this resolution?

A: I have expounded our position on the Iranian nuclear issue just now. We are of the view that the Iranian nuclear issue shall be properly solved through political negotiations and diplomatic means which are not only in the interest of China and Russia but also in the common interest of various parties including the member states of the UN Security Council. So we think that we shall give more time to political negotiations and diplomatic efforts and also call on the relevant parties to enhance negotiations and demonstrate flexibility and patience to create conditions for the final peaceful solution of this issue. This is in the common interest of relevant parties. You may notice that today US Reprehensive to the UN also indicated that various parties shall maintain dialogue and consultation on this issue.

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