Press Conference with Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang on Sanctions (Excerpts)

April 27, 2006

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Q: On what circumstances would China support the UN Security Council to quote Chapter 7 of the UN Charter to apply sanctions on Iran on the Iranian nuclear issue?

A: At present, the Iranian nuclear issue is at a crucial stage. China is also following closely with the upcoming report by the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency. We are hoping that the Director General's report will have an objective and comprehensive assessment on the Iranian nuclear issue.

China hopes that parties concerned could all remain calm, exercise restrain and patience, display flexibility, and cease to adopt any move that would worsen the situation, so as to create favorable conditions to resume talks. We believe that it is a correct choice to appropriately solve the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy and negotiations.

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Q: The situation of the Iranian nuclear issue seems to be escalating. Iran claimed it would take actions against the US if it's sanctioned. Is China worried about the possible worsening of the situation? What expectation does the Chinese side have for the deadline on 28th? What measures will UN Security Council take then?

A: On the Iranian nuclear issue, we maintain it should be properly resolved through diplomatic means and negotiations, which conforms to interests of all sides and serves the interests of international and regional peace and stability. To achieve this aim, we hope relevant parties can exercise restraint, create favorable conditions for resumption of talks, rather than deteriorate the situation. Meanwhile, we think international community's efforts, including UN Security Council's involvement should help to strengthen authority and role of IAEA and resolve the Iranian nuclear issue through negotiations.

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