Remarks by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's on Iranian Enrichment Announcement (Excerpts)

February 9, 2010

. . .

Q: It is reported that relevant parties have expressed concerns over Iran's recent announcement of its plan to produce enriched uranium of 20% purity by itself and proposed to impose sanctions on Iran. How does China comment?

A: China has taken note of relevant reports. We hope and support all parties concerned to reach early agreement on the draft deal proposed by the IAEA on the fuel supply of Tehran's research reactor, which will help properly resolve the Iranian nuclear issue.

. . .

Q: Firstly, could you make specific comments on Iran's plan to produce 20% enriched uranium? Secondly, France and the US vowed to step up sanctions against Iran, including its banks and companies. What's your specific comment?

A: I have made accurate and specific answer to your first question and have no more to add.

As for sanctions against Iran, the P5 plus one have recently exchanged views on the Iranian nuclear issue. We hope relevant parties will intensify diplomatic efforts and press ahead with the dialogue and negotiation process.

. . .