Remarks by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's on Iranian Sanctions and the Nuclear Fuel Swap (Excerpts)

May 25, 2010


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Q: The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week that despite the nuclear fuel swap agreement between Brazil, Turkey and Iran, China and other major powers still had come to an agreement on the UN Security Council draft resolution on sanctions against Iran. Please confirm.

A: We always believe that dialogue and negotiation is the best way out for the Iranian nuclear issue. The on-going consultation in the UN Security Council does not mean the end of diplomatic efforts.

Chinasupports the "dual track" strategy, values and welcomes the agreement between Brazil, Turkey and Iran on the fuel supply of Tehran research reactor. We hope Iran, the IAEA and other parties concerned will reach an early agreement on the specific plans to push for a peaceful settlement of the issue through dialogue and negotiation.

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