Remarks by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's on Diplomacy with Iran Over Sanctions (Excerpts)

February 23, 2010

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Q: First question, the US and other western countries hope and demand more sanctions against Iran due to the IAEA's doubts over Iran. What's China's position? Do you think the IAEA's sanctions against Iran are reasonable? Second question, the US Special Representative for North Korea Policy will visit China tomorrow, what issues will the two sides discuss? Will they talk about the visit to the US by the DPRK's representative in mid-March? Third question, Japan said that it will appeal to the International Maritime Court if China unilaterally develops the oil and gas fields in the East China Sea, how does China react?

A: On the Iranian nuclear issue, China has taken note of the IAEA report on the issue and hopes that the Iranian side will strengthen cooperation with the agency on relevant issues.

On sanctions against Iran, China believes that at present stage, all parties involved should step up diplomatic efforts to maintain and push forward the dialogue and negotiation. We hope relevant parties will show further flexibility and create conditions for the comprehensive and proper settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic means.

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