Remarks by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's on the UN Security Council's Adoption of a New Resolution on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

June 10, 2010

Q: The UN Security Council adopted a new resolution on the Iranian nuclear issue on June 9. How do you comment?

A: China handles the Iranian nuclear issue on the basis of maintaining the effectiveness of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime as well as peace and stability of the Middle East. We stay committed to the "dual-track" strategy. The new Security Council resolution and the statement of the E3+3 foreign ministers reflect the concerns of the international community over the issue and the aspiration of all parties to bring about an early settlement of the issue through diplomatic negotiations.

China always believes that the proper approach to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue is to find a settlement addressing the concerns of all parties through diplomatic means such as dialogues and negotiations. The adoption of the resolution by the Security Council does not mean the door to diplomatic efforts is closed. The international community should take this opportunity to strengthen emphasis on and input in the track of diplomacy so as to push for a long-term, comprehensive and proper settlement of the issue at an early date.

China is ready to work along with relevant countries and make its due contribution to the peaceful settlement of the issue through diplomatic means.