French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Spokesperson Remarks on Potential for Iran Sanctions (Excerpts)

March 12, 2010

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What new developments are there with respect to sanctions regarding the Iranian nuclear issue?

Bernard Kouchner gave his opinion on this yesterday. France is resolutely working with its partners of the E3+3. We are moving forward on this issue.

The minister said that a new resolution will be put to a vote in a few days, while his American counterpart is saying it could take several months; do you have information that the Americans may have missed or have there been developments regarding the respective positions of these two countries on this issue since Mrs. Clinton's latest statement?

The timetable is not fixed and will be subject to adjustments during the course of the deliberations. The important thing regarding this issue is to achieve an outcome which is acceptable to everyone and which will include the terms of this strong message that will be addressed to the Iranians in due course. As the minister stated, we are all determined to work as quickly as possible. Bernard Kouchner has however not indicated a deadline; he indicated our determination to work quickly, and, above all, to achieve a result. This is an objective that we have shared with our American partners since the start of the negotiations on this issue. We are working in this direction.

Are there any indications which might lead you to believe that there could be a new resolution?

Not for the moment. We are working with everyone. We are well aware of the positions of all parties; that has been clearly stated. You will have noted the recent statements by the Russian president; these are important. We must now continue to work in this direction.

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