IAEA Board of Governors' Vote on a New Resolution on Iran

September 13, 2012

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

France welcomes the adoption today in Vienna of a tough new resolution on Iran. It is the correct response to the IAEA Director General's most recent report on August 30.

This document noted Iran's lack of cooperation with the Agency regarding the possible military dimension of its nuclear program and Tehran's acceleration of its sensitive activities, notably the enrichment of uranium in violation of the resolutions of the IAEA Board of Governors and the Security Council.

The adoption of this resolution - the 12th since 2003 - by a very large majority again demonstrates the unity and determination of the international community with respect to the Iranian issue.

In its previous resolution in November, the Council called on Iran to strengthen its dialogue with the Agency in order to respond to its concerns regarding the possible military dimension of the Iranian nuclear program.

Ten months later, the Council notes that no agreement could be reached on this issue and that Iran has failed to grant the IAEA access to the sensitive Iranian sites. The Council believes that Iran's cooperation is "essential and urgent" in order to re-establish the international community's confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program.

At the same time, the Council expressed its deep concern over the fact that Iran is continuing to develop its enrichment activities, notably at its Fordow plant, in violation of its international obligations.

The Council urges Iran to comply "fully and without delay with its obligations under the Security Council resolutions," and to meet the requirements of the Board of Governors regarding its commitments relating to the transparency of its program (application of modified Code 3.1, implementation and ratification of the Additional Protocol).

Mr. Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General, will report on the implementation of this resolution, and on the resolution adopted in November, before the next IAEA meeting in November 2012.

We are determined - together with those countries that are ready to do so - to further intensify the sanctions against Iran so long as it continues to refuse to comply with its international obligations which were, once again, very clearly reaffirmed today.