Remarks by Jean-Marc de la Sabliere, French Ambassador to the United Nations, on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747

March 24, 2007

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  • Nuclear

I am glad that the Council has been able to adopt this resolution unanimoulsy. Once again, the Council has been up to its responsibilities.

It is an important resolution. the Council today has taken a new step to increase its pressure on Iran, since Iran, according to be the IAEA, has not complied with the mandatory resuiqrements of the Security Council.

Iran has a choice, a very clear choice. Either suspending enrichment and reprocessing activities, and then the Security Council will suspend its measures and the negociations will resume. Or to increase its isolation.

We hope Iran will make the right choice.

Lastly, let me underline the importance of the unanimity of this vote. The international community is united, and the problem Iran has is not with some countries. Iran has a problem with the whole international community.

Q: Why don't you give more power to the IAEA ?

A: It's very regrettable that the IAEA was not able to say that there is no military nuclear activity in Iran. Now, all the mandatory requirements that the Council made in 1737 are exactly the requests the IAEA has made. The IAEA has asked Iran to suspend its nuclear activities. And the Council is only reinforcing the IAEA and making mandatory the request of the IAEA.

Q: Pourquoi l'unanimité est-elle importante ?

A: Cette unanimité a déjà été réalisée lorsque nous avons adopté la résolution 1737.

C'est l'intégralité de la communauté internationale qui dit à l'Iran de manière très ferme qu'il a un choix. Ou bien l'Iran suspend ses activités de retraitement et d'enrichissement et alors l'on suspendra les mesures et la négociation pourra reprendre. Ou bien, l'Iran fait le mauvais choix. Et le fait que cela soit l'unanimité du Conseil renforce ce message.

Q: Are you worried that this resolution could be used by the US to launch an attack against Iran ? We have a terrible precedent with Iraq.

A: Both resolution 1737 and this resolution are very clear. There are resolutions based on article 41 of the charter, which is article which deals with economic sanctions only.