French President Nicolas Sarkozy Remarks on the Effectiveness of Iran Sanctions (Excerpts)

January 24, 2011

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Q. - You were saying just now - and I quote - «in world history, […] cowardice, abdication of responsibility and giving up have always led to disasters». On the Iranian nuclear issue, is there a risk of disaster, and how can it possibly be avoided? Through negotiation or perhaps through military action?

THE PRESIDENT - I think that sanctions in this area are starting to take effect, that we must toughen the sanctions and that France, in her policy, is always extraordinarily reserved on the principle of military intervention. I say so in this case, but I also say so in the case of Côte d'Ivoire. There are sanctions, there's politics, there's diplomacy, and that's how you move things forward. And in today's world nobody can remain opposed to the international community. People talk a lot about the shortcomings of globalization - they're right - but if one thing has moved forward with globalization, it's international justice, it's the fact that every dictator knows one day he'll be prosecuted and held to account and that there's nowhere in the world where people can tell themselves they can go into hiding. That's a step forward for globalization, and it's why I believe in the impact of sanctions, diplomacy and political engagement.

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