Joint Press Briefing with Indian Minister of External Affairs Yashwant Sinha and Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov (Excerpts)

June 16, 2003

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Question: I would like to know the position of Russia and India with regard to the possible aggravation of the situation in Iran and would also like to find out whether this was discussed in the course of negotiations?

Mr. Igor Ivanov: We are expecting the IAEA report on this item which can result in the conclusion and decision with regard to this matter. At the same time the principled position of Russia is well known. We are against the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction including the nuclear weapons in the case of Iran. We are developing cooperation with Iran in the nuclear field. But this is an exclusively peaceful means and peaceful matter of cooperation and everything in under the control of IAEA and safeguards. We hope that Iran will sign the additional IAEA protocol which will allow the supervision of the IAEA over all the nuclear projects in the territory of the country and thus will allow to wipe out any concerns with regard to that matter.

Shri Yashwant Sinha: We discussed the Iranian situation and what Mr. Ivanov has stated reflects the Indian position also to a very large extent. We are against clandestine nuclear proliferation. Iran is a signatory to the NPT. We are also waiting for the report of the IAEA and I hope it will be possible for Iran to convince the international community that it does not have any nuclear weapons program.

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