Press Briefing by Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson on the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister's Visit to India (Excerpts)

September 7, 2007

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Official Spokesperson: Good evening and sorry to have kept you waiting so long but I was just waiting to get some more information.

There are two or three matters on which I would give you short statements. Firstly, the visit of His Excellency Dr. Mehdi Safari, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As you know, he is in New Delhi as the Special Envoy of the President of Iran. The purpose of the visit was to brief the Government of India on developments related to Iran's nuclear issue and in particular the recent discussions it has had with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
During his stay in New Delhi, that is today, the visiting dignitary called on External Affairs Minister as well as the National Security Advisor, and detailed talks were held with the Foreign Secretary. During the meetings, India's consistent stand was reiterated that Iran has the right to develop peaceful use of nuclear energy while fulfilling all its international commitments and obligations.
The need for the nuclear issue to be dealt with in an active and transparent cooperation with the IAEA through dialogue and negotiation was also mentioned. India noted the recent steps agreed between Iran and the IAEA towards the common goal of removing all doubts and uncertainty. There is clearly further progress to be made in the future.
His Excellency Dr. Mehdi Safari's visit also provided a useful opportunity for discussions on bilateral relations and for an exchange of views on the situation in the region.

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Question: The UN is planning additional sanctions on Iran. What is our stand? Already there have been some sanctions.
Official Spokesperson: Has there been an announcement of anything?

Question: There is no announcement as yet.
Official Spokesperson: This is your speculation and I do not comment on speculative issues.

Questions: But the point is the last time when the sanctions were imposed we went along.
Official Spokesperson: As and when something happens, we will take a view. I cannot anticipate all sorts of scenarios.

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Questions: Is Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister meeting Petroleum Minister for pipeline project?
Official Spokesperson: The three meetings that were scheduled today, I have told you. If we have any other meetings, we will tell you. I have told you everything that we can share about the meetings.

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