Press Conference with Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson on Meeting with Iranian Vice President (Excerpts)

October 27, 2005

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  • Iran

Official Spokesperson: Good Evening. There are number of issues this evening

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On the margins of the SCO, External Affairs Minister has had some very important bilateral discussions. He met the Vice President of Iran Mr. Pervez Dawoodi yesterday evening. This was a very friendly and cordial meeting in which the Iranian Vice President attached great importance not just to economic cooperation between India and Iran but also to the civilisational and cultural links that bind the two countries together. He also mentioned that the current volume of bilateral trade does not reflect the true potential that exists in the relationship.

External Affairs Minister reciprocated these sentiments and reiterated India's keen desire to promote long term energy cooperation with Iran. On the Iran nuclear issue, the External Affairs Minister emphasized that India would wish to avoid any reference to the UN Security Council and that the matter should be amicably resolved within the purview of the IAEA itself. The Minister also indicated that India was working closely with Russia and China as well as the EU-3 in order to promote a mutually acceptable solution to this issue before the meeting of the Board of Governors of the IAEA in November. The Vice President of Iran appreciated India's position in this regard.

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Question: The Iranian President yesterday went on record that Israel should be wiped out of the map. Do you have a comment, are you concerned or…

Answer: We have diplomatic relations with Israel. We recognized Israel decades ago.

Question: You have nothing to say on the Iranian President's…

Answer: I have said what I have to say.

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