Aqazadeh: Europe Not After Confidence Building Measures

February 5, 2006

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  • Nuclear

Vice-President and Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Gholam-Reza Aqazadeh, said here Saturday evening, "Despite all our confidence-building measures, including some 1,400 person/day inspections and (Iran's) agreement with measures beyond the Additional Protocol, it seems as if the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has just get to know Iran and its nuclear activities.

"Despite several rounds of talks, the Europeans always believed that full suspension of our nuclear activities is the only way to build confidence," he added.

He pointed to Iran's agreement with the IAEA regular inspections of the country's nuclear activities, saying, "We offered several proposals to the Europeans but they only insisted on full suspension of our peaceful nuclear activities.

"They (the Europeans) know that nuclear know-how has been indigenized in Iran without any dependence on others. They made efforts to cause concerns over Iran's nuclear activities by launching an international disinformation campaign.

"It is quite wrong to think that the Europeans have good will.

This is not a question of confidence-building. They believe we should not master nuclear know-how." The IAEO head added, "We did not pull out of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and will continue cooperation with the IAEA.

"We are ready to hold talks with all countries. We have not given a negative answer to the Russian proposal though it has several fundamental flaws.

"The Europeans, the United States and their allies intend to create panic in our country by reporting Iran's case to the UN Security Council.

"They intend to make the (Iranian) nation worried through threat and pressure while resistance of our brave nation will lead to the achievement of our rights." The vice-president said, "The Europeans and the US are planning to poison atmosphere by launching smear propaganda campaign. They are after giving an impression that price hikes and inflation are to dominate the country while we should have no concerns about such propaganda.

"While we were involved in Iraq's imposed war, sanctions were in place against our country and the enemies were bombarding our facilities but the Iranian nation and officials emerged successful." Aqazadeh further stated, "The late Imam Khomeini believed the nation would win if it were united. So our nation should not be concerned but rather should regard unity and convergence as keys to its success." " We have had good products in Isfahan...and we will hear good news from Natanz soon." He reiterated Iran's readiness to hold negotiations, saying, "Confidence has been damaged between Iran and the West but it does not mean we are not ready for talks. We accept and believe in purposeful and objective-oriented talks." Shifting to Russia and China's votes in favor of the IAEA resolution, he said, "These two countries have taken their interests into consideration and their motive is not equal to that of Europe and the US.

"The most important issue is that China and Russia do not agree to sanctions against Iran and voted in favor of the resolution calling for reporting Iran's nuclear case to the Security Council just to inform it." Meanwhile, speaking on television, Deputy Head of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), Javad Vaeidi, who is currently in Vienna, said the Europeans and Americans are not after confidence-building. This has been proved to us. In fact, the Europeans and the US have fired the last shot to Russia's proposal," Vaeidi said.

He added, "During the London conference, necessary consultations were held and Russia and China reached a consensus.

"I believe reporting Iran's nuclear case to the UNSC was the common point between Russia and China on the one side and the Europeans and the US on the other but the two sides pursued quite different goals." The United States and its European allies intend to create a psychological atmosphere in Iran, he said, adding, "Through such illusion, they intend to cause psychological insecurity and have their move leaving social and economic effects on Iran.

"Our nation is the main supporter of peaceful use of nuclear technology. The US and its allies are not merely seeking to restrict our activities alone but are determined to create a negative situation and put the Iranian government under pressure."