Interview with Dr. Kharrazi on Iran's Nuclear Program

November 14, 2003

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Iranian foreign minister, Dr Kamal Kharrzi, on Friday in an interview with IRNA in Tokyo, pointing to the recent Tehran`s decision for signing the Additional Protocol, said, the US was seeking an excuse, but Iran`s initiative didn`t let the Americans to raise one.

Asked to comment on Washington`s attempt to raise Iran`s nuclear case at the UN security council, Dr Kharrazi said: The US will definitely be the loser of the game.

Iran`s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency( IAEA) is so transparent that has left no doubt about the peaceful nature of the country`s nuclear activities.

This transparency is to the extent that in the recent report of IAEA`s chief, Mohammad Elbaradei, it is stipulated that there is no evidence to substantiate that Iran`s nuclear program is diverted towards military purposes, he said, adding, In such an atmosphere, naturally it is necessitated that Iran`s nuclear problem be settled in the framework of IAEA, in order that cooperation between the country and the Agency continued.

This is precisely the same commitment made by Germnay, France and Britain in Tehran, Dr Kharrazi went on to say.

As regards the main points raised in his talks with the senior Japanese authorities in Tokyo, Dr Kharrazi said; bilateral and regional issues, as well as the developments made in Iran`s nuclear program were put to discussion.

He further said: In our previous visit to Japan, the country`s prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, as well as its foreign minister, Yoriko Kawaguchi, persisted that we sign the additional protocol.

Of course, at that time there were some points ambiguous to us, but after explanations made by Japanese authorities, IAEA and foreign ministers of three European countries, we decided to sign the protocol.

In the present visit, we told the Japanese authorities : Now that we have decided to sign the protocol, the time has come that you also show a positive reaction , and by your positive cooperation in the upcoming session of the IAEA board of governors, help the present process to be continued.