Khatami on the Right of All Nations to Nuclear Energy

February 9, 2003

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  • Nuclear
President Mohammad Khatami said on Sunday that the Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to utilize advanced technology including those in the nuclear industry for peaceful purposes.
In a meeting with Minister of Science, Researches and Technology and university teachers, President Khatami said, "Faith, logic and advantages of the great Iranian nation are their weapons. The one who possesses such a weapon does not need weapons of mass destruction."

He called on the academic centers to do what they can to make good on the backwardness from which the Iranian nation is suffering for long time.

President Khatami said that Iran has made progress in the field of civilian application of nuclear technology adding that if such a technology is put at the disposal of irresponsible powers, it can be destructive.

He said that the government has adopted plans to exploit the uranium mines 200 km off Yazd and set up plants in Isfahan and Kashan to extract uranium composites to provide fuel for generating electricity.

He said that Iranian experts have acquired the knowledge for civilian application of the nuclear technology.

President Khatami said that his government has decided to generate some 6,000 megawatts of electricity from nuclear energy adding that Bushehr power plant has been designed to generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity.

The president made it clear that Iran has carried out all its programs in line with the respective conventions and international law.

"I assure all peace-loving individuals in the world that Iran's efforts in the field of nuclear technology are focused on civilian application and nothing else. This is the Iranian nation's legitimate right," President Khatami said.

Iran stands committed to international conventions and deems its own legitimate right to apply nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, the president said.

He said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is expected to provide Iran with expertise and advice to help Iran acquire the know-how at lower cost.

On politicization of the nations' right to acquire nuclear technology, President Khatami said that unfortunately the know-how for civilian application of nuclear energy is being withheld from many nations for political reasons.

In the meantime, President Khatami called on the international community to do its utmost to make the world free from weapons of mass destruction and said that to the extent the nuclear technology is useful for humanity, it can be however very detrimental and be used to manufacture WMD.

"The great Iranian nation, the sponsor of the dialogue of civilizations and the international coalition for peace, will never move to gain access to weapons of mass destruction," President Khatami said.

He said that Iran is working in close cooperation with IAEA and said that Iran welcomes international supervision to dispel the lies being fabricated against Iran.

"Iran opposes any war and hostility in the world and renews its call to make the world and specially the region free from weapons of mass destruction," the president said.

"The international community should put an end to the arms race and focus on the global resolve to stop proliferation of nuclear arms and elimination of such weapons," Iranian president said.