Shahab-3 Missile Successfully Test Fired

October 20, 2004

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

The Defense Ministry successfully test fired the latest prototype of shahab 3 missile, Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday. The `defense shield` proved stronger in terms of destruction and precision in guided targets, the minister told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

The Defense Ministry has upgraded the former version of shahab 3 guided missiles and test fired it in the military exercise called `defense shield exercise`. He said that Iran has been exposed to what he termed as `multilateral threats` and should boost its preparedness for defense.

Shamkhani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran pursues detente and cooperation for the regional and international peace and security. "National resolve to develop cooperation for the international peace should not cause misinterpretation for certain states encouraging them to incite security crisis against Iran," he said.

Iranian methodology is to strongly stand against any threat and defend peace in the region and the international community to support national interests, Shamkhani said.