Ahmadinejad: Iran to Defend Its Nuclear Achievements

December 4, 2005

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  • Nuclear

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran will defend its nuclear achievements and insist on its undeniable right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Making the remark during a public meeting in Zahedan, capital of this southeastern province, here Wednesday, he stressed that "those who themselves produce nuclear arms should not raise hue and cry against those who only want to gain access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes." " Countries which have arsenals of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons which can be used against other countries at their whim and those who supplied the Baathist regime with (chemical) weapons that killed thousands of innocent Iranians in the cities of Sardasht and Halabja now go to all lengths to block Iran from gaining access to peaceful nuclear technology," he added.

It has become quite clear that countries of global arrogance really intended their weapons of mass destruction to annihilate oppressed nations, the president declared, and added, "We are sure they have criminal intentions and there was never any doubt that they were piling weapons of mass destruction to be used against less powerful nations." Reiterating that access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes was the natural and absolute right of the Iranian nation, he said that it is to the credit of Iran's scientists as well as its youth that the country has reached this stage in its nuclear energy program, and stressed that "the government will guarantee the absolute right of the Iranian people to make the program succeed." He said "a number of powerful people in politics and culture are devoid of religious and ethical values and seek nothing but to succeed in this materialistic world and will not hesitate to impose burdensome sanctions against nations or kill thousands of people." "They tell us we should not produce our own nuclear fuel because they are ready to supply it to us" he said, but asked, "How can we be sure they will not renege on their promise when these are the same countries that have imposed sanctions on the sale of aircraft parts to Iran all these years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran?" " The Iranian nation can no longer be deceived by Western countries" the president, who is also the head of Iran's National Security Council, declared.

The president then pointed out that Islam was the only religion that truly cares for people and can bring real prosperity, progress and justice to this world.

Ahmadinejad arrived in this southeastern province Wednesday morning.

Ahmadinejad's visit is in line with his initiative of getting his new government closer to the people so as to get to know their needs and problems better.

His agenda includes visits to different cities of the province during which he will personally or through his cabinet members hold meetings with the local people during his three-day stay.

The cabinet is to hold a session here on Thursday night.

President Ahmadinejad is also scheduled to visit the port city of Chabahar in the Sea of Oman to inspect the grand `Velayat Lovers Joint Maneuver'.

He will be sending teams headed by different cabinet ministers to represent him in talks with the people in order to find solutions to their problems.

Sistan-Baluchestan, located in southeastern Iran, has a population of 2,200,000 and a total land mass of 186,000 square meters.