Ahmadinejad: Peaceful Nature of Iran's Nuclear Program Has Been Verified 12 Times

September 18, 2008

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  • Nuclear

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that IAEA has verified peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program 12 ties and there is no problem to this end.

The president made the remark in a press conference in presence of domestic and foreign reporters in Tehran.

The new report issued by ElBaradei has confirmed that the ountry's nuclear program has not diverted from its right track, he said.

The IAEA should act within its boundaries and is not allowed to pursue claims raised by the US which have nothing to do with the governing rules of the IAEA, he pointed out.

The Iranian nation will never give up even one iota and those who seek to step up economic sanctions against Iran are very weak and disappointed, he said.

As soon as they toughen sanctions against Iran, the Iranian nation will pray to God and try to meet its own needs single-handedly, he said.

Iran is self-sufficient in many scientific fields and therefore their attempts to tighten economic sanctions will defame themselves, he said.

"I advise the leaders of western countries to review their decisions, because as soon as they take action against us, they will regret and there will be now way to stop us," said the president.

"Hundreds of American businessmen want to make financial deals with Iran and even the European investors call for making investment in Iran but it is we who set preconditions for them," he said.

On possibility of military actions against Iran, the president said they should know that the era of such propaganda is over.

They should know that their attempts will not bear any fruits, underlined president Ahmadinejad.