Aqazadeh: Too Early to Speak About Additional Protocol Enforcement

December 24, 2007

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Reza Aqazadeh said here Saturday that it is too early to speak about implementation of the additional protocol.

"It is early to speak of implementing the additional protocol.

Once the political issues are closed and westerners' charges are removed, we will speak of it," Aqazadeh told IRNA on Saturday.

Aqazadeh said that having been disarmed of any pretext and justification about past record of Iran's nuclear program, westerners re now focusing their pressure on implementation of the additional protocol.

Aqazadeh said, "The IAEA chief urges even those countries having no uranium enrichment to implement the additional protocol. But since Iran is among a few states that possess nuclear fuel cycle, the issue is more important."
He said the IAEA's call for implementation of the additional protocol does not mean that there are any ambiguity about Iran's cooperation with the IAEA as far as the country's nuclear program is concerned.

"One of the issues of high importance for the IAEA was the bylaw concerning its monitoring of Natanz enrichment facilities, which we finalized it. Today, the Agency has a guideline for monitoring Natanz, which is agreed upon by Iran, but the Agency expects Iran to act beyond NPT and within framework of the additional protocol." He stressed that there is no point in ElBaradei's report that there had been any instance of ambiguity or non-cooperation on the part of Iran in this respect.

Terming westerners' claim about the issue as "rhetoric", Aqazadeh said that from legal point of view, the Agency has confirmed Iran's past nuclear activities, saying its working relationship with Iran had already been set. He added that the Agency, however, has asked for implementation of the additional protocol and westerners use the Agency's call to force Tehran to accept the additional protocol.

"It is too early for any discussion on implementation of the additional protocol because first of all, westerners should be accountable for the charges they have raised against us. We have suffered from this and we have had delays in our activities. They imposed international sanctions against us. The West should say on what ground they have imposed such sanctions against us. The West should apologize to Iran officially for raising such false allegations against Iran?
"Secondly, why the case of Iran's nuclear program should be investigated by the UN Security Council. There is no legal and judicial ground for keeping Iran's nuclear issue in the Council.

"Thirdly, Iran's issue with the IAEA a bilateral matter and within framework of the Agency's charter. Our party is the Agency and other parties have nothing to do with the case. Therefore, there is no reason for us to cooperate with other party beyond the IAEA framework or be accountable to it. We are accountable only to the IAEA," he said.