Hosseini-Tash: Suspension of Enrichment Not a Confidence Building Step

April 24, 2006

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  • Nuclear

Deputy Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) ALi Hosseini-Tash said Monday that Iran does not consider suspension of enrichment as a confidence building measure.

He told IRNA that if Iran is to be deprived of its rights to nuclear technology and achievements in the field, the Iranians will not give up.

The SNSC official said that Iran is now advancing on the technical path and said, "In the past, we opted for suspension as a voluntary measure. However, the move meant for good intention was misused.

"There is no doubt that Iran will avoid any step that will deprive it of restoration of its rights. Therefore, suspension and similar acts are totally out of question." Hosseini-Tash referred to suspension of enrichment process as `red line', adding that the call for suspension is considered as depriving the country of its nuclear right.

"Iran's policy towards the visit of the UN nuclear watchdog inspection groups is clearly based on cooperation with the inspectors within the framework of the relevant laws, to which we are currently committed, namely those of NPT and Additional Protocol.