Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Supports Peaceful Iranian Nuclear Program

November 9, 2007

Indian prime minister told visiting Iranian interior minister here on Thursday that Iran has chosen a right way in dealing with peaceful nuclear projects.

Manmohan Singh said India is against any unilateral policy and is of the opinion that negotiations through the International Atomic Energy Agency should be adopted as a base for any future move.

The Indian official termed as constructive his talks with Iranian Minister of the Interior Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi. He said Iran has every right as a member of NPT to use peaceful nuclear energy and India supports negotiations through IAEA as the best approach to tackle this issue.

Singh also underlined that bilateral relations are by no way affected by other countries and both nations are earnestly willing to expand ties as two main poles of culture in the region and the world.

Referring to his recent meeting with President Ahmadinejad in Cuba, he said India attaches great importance to expanding relations with Iran. He also said there is a genuine political will in India for boosting economic ties with Iran. He added that delay in construction of Iran-India gas pipe is due to technical and transit problems between India and Pakistan.

Manmohan Singh wished prosperity and success for the Iranian nation and invited his Iranian counterpart to visit India.

Pour-Mohammadi said the second conference on reduction of the hazards of natural disasters in which he took part in New Delhi would hopefully help further interation among Asian-Oceanic states.

Referring to the growing energy demand in India, he said Iran is willing to give precendence to neighboring states in energy supply.

The Iranian minister also said Iran has a lively market and can be a suitable place for expanding commodities transit between India and Central Asian states.

He also referred to the faillure of the US government to endorse a sanctions resolution against Iran in the Security Council and said their next step will be unilateral measures and putting pressure on other countries to harm Iran, while many states in the world are very optimistic about Iran's policy of negotiations and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

During the visit the Iranian official presented a message from Iranian President Ahmadinejad to the Indian prime minister which included an invitation extended to him to visit Iran.