Iran Says Nuclear Research Not Limited to a Particular Site

January 10, 2006

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  • Nuclear

Iran on Tuesday stressed that its nuclear research activities will not be limited to a particular site.

Deputy head of the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) for International Affairs, Mohammad Saeedi, made the disclosure while talking to reporters here Tuesday.

"We will conduct nuclear research in all sites previously disclosed to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"The IAEO and IAEA have started cooperating closely after Iran sent a letter to the IAEA officially informing it that Iran would resume nuclear fuel research. In the letter, Iran briefed the IAEA on the scale of research it intended to conduct," he said.

"The agency asked for details on Iran's decision which we provided. The sides reached a clear consensus last night.

"Based on our agreement, Iran would resume its research activities in sites previously agreed upon and in cooperation with IAEA inspectors in Tehran," he added.

Referring to Iran's official letter sent to the IAEA on resumption of research work and based on talks recently held with the agency's representatives, Iran would be "resuming only research and nothing more," the IAEO official said.

"We differentiate nuclear fuel production with research.

Suspension of nuclear fuel production will continue in the country," he added.

"We hope Iran can reach a consensus with the European side on its nuclear activities within a logical framework in the near future so that all concerns can be removed." Saeedi stressed: "We intend to reach a transparent consensus with the European side on factors which will prove the fact Iran is not deviating from its legal activities on nuclear fuel production.

"Iran's representatives to the IAEA tried hard during the past days to find a wise and logical way to resume research which are showing success. We explored avenues in full understanding and greement with the agency.

"Certain closed sites were opened in presence of the IAEA inspectors. The agency gave its inspectors authority to carry out this measure.

"All research sites demanded by Iran launched activities," he said.

The official stated, "The work includes all research-related cases which have been outlined to the IAEA," adding that "research is not just a theoretical work. It is a series of practical measures necessary for research." He expressed appreciation for the IAEA and its Direcotr-General Mohamed ElBaradei's cooperation with Iran.

Pointing to the IAEA chief's remark on Iran's measure to resume nuclear research, he said he has nothing to do with the political implicatins of ElBaradei's remarks, adding that "what occurred between Iran and the agency was a legal and technical understanding." On nuclear talks between Iran and Russia, Saeedi added, "The negotiations were very serious and fruitful. The Russian side gave their responses to certain ambiguities entertained by Iran.

"The sides are set to hold a session in Moscow on Feb 16 to clarify other ambiguities so Iran will be more aware of Russia's proposal in detail." He, however, said that "the Russian proposal is completely premature. Its ambiguities should be removed. So more sessions are needed to clear it.

"Iran suspended research voluntarily based on the November 2004 resolution. Legally, such a suspension was not mandatory but was rather intended to build confidence.

"We believe such confidence has been built and we will resume research work since we have no obligation to further continue it. But it has no links with nuclear fuel production." Asked about conditions of Iran's nuclear case in the next meeting with the IAEA Board of Governors to be held in Vienna on March, he said, "Iran is seriously determined to adopt serious measures showing progress in the country's cooperation with the nuclear agency since the March session.

"Only minor issues remain to be resolved in this session. There are only a few questions which need to be settled in March so our nuclear case will be completely normalized."