Iranian IAEA Representative Ali-Asghar Soltanieh Criticizes the IAEA for Forgetting About the Modality Agreement

September 17, 2008

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  • Nuclear

Iran's Representative to the IAEA Ali-Asghar Soltanieh said on Tuesday that Iran's cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog has been transparent and beyond Tehran's commitments.

Talking to reporters, he said that Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency have signed a Modality Agreement to resolve the outstanding issues within a specified time and the agency had posed six questions as the outstanding issues.

He criticized the agency for forgetting the Modality Agreement and ElBaradei's report verifying that the answers delivered by Iran support the IAEA documentation.

"The agency has fallen into trap of the United States which fabricated a laptop scenario afterwards."
On the later stages of Iran-IAEA cooperation, Soltanieh said that after involvement of the UN Security Council in Iran's nuclear case, Majlis asked the government to continue its cooperation with IAEA within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement calling for cessation of voluntary acceptance of the additional protocol.

"Since we should have not answered beyond the Safeguards, the process has been ceased for one year. This was a sensitive political decision to prove that we are ready to cooperate with the agency," Soltanieh said.

He said that cooperation between Iran and the UN nuclear agency has been specified in the Modality Agreement in which the commitments of both sides were thoroughly explained.

He added that six remaining problems were investigated and solved and the IAEA informed international community that its findings are completely consistent with Iran's assertions.

Referring to Iran-IAEA transparent and close cooperation in the past one year, the Iranian envoy rejected certain baseless and fabricated claim of the so-called laptop. He added that according to the action plan envisaged by the Modality Agreement, there is no place for the laptop.

Tehran will respond to the probable remaining questions after normalization process of the safeguards in Iran, he said.

On the hue and cry made on the Shahab 3 missiles, he said all accusations linking the missiles to nuclear program are baseless and ridiculous.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to respond to the remaining IAEA questions in line with its commitments, Soltanieh added.