Iranian Nation to Humiliate Enemies, Resisting over Nuclear Right - Ahmadinejad

January 31, 2008

IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad emphasized here Wednesday that Iranian nation would humiliate its enemies by resisting over materializing its nuclear rights.

Speaking to martyrs and war disabled veterans' families of Bushehr Province during his fourth provincial visit in the course of his second provincial tour of the country, Ahmadinejad added, "Today the Iranian nation is leading the global human society and the flag bearers of this leadership are our war disabled veterans." President Ahmadinejad listed a number of victories for the Iranian nation ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, adding, "One of those victories is exporting the justice seeking message of the Islamic Revolution to countries around the globe."

The President reiterated, "Today Iran's name shines throughout the world and the Iranian nation and its Supreme Leadership are quite prosperous, while the enemies of Iran have got isolated."

Ahmadinejad emphasized that the countries which once claimed to be the cradle of liberties have today chosen to remain quite silent towards the criminal acts of the Zionist regime, adding, "Some of the countries that are opposing Iran's nuclear activities have gained their credits at the international scene by guaranteeing to secure Israel's interests in the region."

Further elaborating on our country's nuclear status, Ahmadinejad said, "Following two and a half years of resistance, the Iranian nation is a nuclear nation today, having not given the slightest concessions, or guarantees to anyone."
He reiterated, "During the tenure of the past (IRI Governments), two heavy concessions and guarantees were given over the process of our country's becoming a nuclear power, both of which were annulled, thanks to the righteous resistance of our people over their nuclear rights."

The President said, "Based on one of those concessions, they (the IAEA inspectors) could inspect any point throughout Iran resorting to baseless pretexts, while the other guarantee we had given them was that we would inform them about the full identifications of any Iranian scientist who would intend to work in nuclear field, both of which were annulled thanks to the nation's resistance, and the Leadership's guidance."

He added, "Such a victory is all the same the fruit of our martyrs' shed bloods, and the devotion of the martyrs' family members in guarding the revolution's achievements."
Ahmadinejad added, "It is not Iran's nuclear program, or our missiles that the enemy is opposed to, but the spirit of this nation's bravery and nobility, gained from their love for Imam Hussain (PBHU) that they fear most, and that is what can lead us to the peaks of power and grandeur."

Criticizing some rival politicians, he pointed out, "Some people overjoyed when problems arise here and there in the country." Referring to "limited cutting of natural gas flow" in certain parts of the country, he said, "Due to an unprecedented cold wave that swept cross two thirds of Iran's territory and freezing temperatures that lasted nearly for a whole month, unfortunately some of our citizens faced with trouble and hardship, but this unfortunately overjoyed some people."

Ahmadinejad added, "Some people are also seriously annoyed over the fact that the Iranian nation has become nuclear without giving any concessions at all, and that our nuclear dossier is on the verge of final and full resolving."
Addressing such people, he said, "We feel very sorry for you. One who feels glad seeing the misery of the people cannot be called a human being."

President Ahmadinejad reiterated, "The enemies, resorting to (UN Security Council) resolutions and sanctions, wished to defeat the resistance of the Iranian nation, while their threats and baseless claims were translated, published, and put in the press headlines. We are sorry for this group, because they are lagging behind the Iranian nation,that is determined to conquer the peaks of advancement today." The President and his cabinet's second provincial visit of Bushehr Province began on Wednesday morning and will end on Friday.