Kashani: Full Access to Nuclear Technology Iran's Natural Right

October 14, 2005

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  • Nuclear

Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani said here in his second sermon, "Having full access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes is I.R of Iran's natural right.

According to IRNA reporter from central campus of Tehran University where the political-religious ritual was performed, addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers, Kashani reiterated, "Global arrogance, and particularly the United States, should bear in mind that the having access to nuclear technology is the natural right of millions of Iranians throughout history.

Interim Friday Prayer leader of Tehran reiterated, "The Islamic Republic of Iran can not abandon that right and will materialize it in accordance with interests, and harmonious with necessities of the time, without giving slightest bit of concessions." He added, "Giving concessions regarding that right would result in heavy consequences in the future, and that is too heavy a responsibility to shoulder." Focussing on the region's status, Emami Kashani addressed the Americans, saying, "You entered this region after September 11 events, claiming to intend to boost region's security, but due to your conduct the status of world security deteriorated drastically." He added, "The current chaotic conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan are clear fruits of your conduct." The interim Friday prayer leader reiterated, "What you have brought for the world nations and countries in this region in the name of greater security is nothing but instability and insecurity."

Ayatollah Kashani added, "The global arrogance is after exerting its value system hegemony over the whole world, arguing that what they say is pure truth, while the truth is an innate value based on rationalism, and its credibility is based on many realities." He said, "How could they (the West) then assume that what they say is pure, and the whole truth?" Referring to the joint press conference of three EU envoys regarding Iran's nuclear program in which they had said that Iran does not need to have access to nuclear fuel cycle for power generation, he said, "Such comments are far from justice and too arrogant." Counting numerous advantages of the nuclear technology, Emami-Kashani emphasized, "The nuclear technology and having access to full cycle of its fuel is not merely aimed at power generation, since it has broad other usages in medical, agricultural and other fields that the experts should elaborate them for the people."

The Friday prayer leader reiterated, "The three European countries' envoys have also argued that Iran can procure its (nuclear fuel) demands through other countries and is needless of producing it locally, but what they have ignored is the country's independence and prosperity." He added, "Why should Iran voluntarily become dependent on others?" Emami Kashani reiterated, "We have exemplary and unique young scientists in this country and can acquire what we need inside the country, needless of reliance on others, since such reliance would be too wretched.

He stressed, "What could we do tomorrow if we become dependent on other countries for our demands today and they would resort to various excuses and refrain form providing us with the fuel for this energy?" The interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran emphasized, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been after acquiring the atomic bomb, and would never move in that direction in the future, because making and using the A-bomb is against our religious beliefs nd against verdicts issued by our religious sources.

Emami-Kashani added, "Such propagation on the part of our enemies is aimed at influencing the world public opinion and mobilizing it against Iran." Among occasions of the day, Ayatollah Kashani referred to the sad death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad's benevolent and most faithful wife, Lady Khadijeh (PBUH) on the tenth day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

He said, "Lady Khadijeh (PBUH) was a noble and grand personality of Islam and although being the mother of Lady Fatemeh (PBUH) is all by itself among greatest honors in the world, Lady Khadijeh (PBUH), herself, too, was an exemplary Islamic personality.

Emami Kashani expressed regret that the personality of that great lady has not been elaborated to its deserved extent over fourteen centuries after her sad demise.