Khazaei: UN Security Council has taken Illegal Action

February 23, 2008

Iranian Permanent Representative to United Nations said on Saturday that the report of International Atomic Energy Agency on February 22 proved that the allegations made against Iran by a few countries have been totally flawed and baseless and the actions taken by the Security Council in this regard lack any shred of logic and legality.

Mohammad Khazaei said, "As the report has stressed, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been serious and sincere in its full cooperation with the Agency and has been resolutely cooperating in a proactive manner for the implementation of the Work Plan which was concluded between Iran and the Agency in August 2007.

"The report well indicates that such an unprecedented and resolute voluntary cooperation with the IAEA on the part of the Islamic Republic of Iran, beyond its obligation in accordance with the comprehensive safeguards agreement (INFCIRC/214) has led to the implementation of the work plan and closure of all outstanding issues much sooner than expected.

This landmark accomplishment in resolving the outstanding issues which has only been possible through Iran's robust cooperation with the IAEA far beyond its treaty obligations - as reflected in the said report - attests to the fact that the allegations made by certain countries, under the pretext of the so-called proliferation concerns have been, from the outset, totally baseless.

"Indeed by raising, unfounded and false claims against Iran, those few countries have made every effort to deprive the Iranian nation from exercising its inalienable rights to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

"The report also serves as a solid evidence that Iran is a responsible, transparent, and predictable member of the NPT, and is fully committed to its international obligations with regard to its peaceful nuclear program.

The full implementation of the work plan and thus resolution and closure of the outstanding issues have undoubtedly eliminated the most basic pretexts and allegations on the basis of which Iran's peaceful nuclear program was referred to the Security Council, and demonstrates that the actions taken against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Security Council have been unfair, unwarranted and unlawful.

"The report also displays the fact that the Iranian nation has been both unwavering in implementation of its legal obligations, and resolute in defending its inalienable rights.

By resolving the outstanding questions with regard to its past activities, on the one hand; and conducting all its present activities, including the enrichment, under the full and continuous monitoring of the IAEA based on the IAEA Statute, the NPT and the comprehensive safeguards agreement, on the other, the Islamic Republic of Iran has removed any so-called" concerns or ambiguities with regard to its peaceful nuclear activities in the past and at present.

"Therefore, it has become clear that Iran's peaceful nuclear program should be dealt with solely by the Agency as a regular item on its agenda and thus as envisaged in the Work Plan, the safeguards implementation in Iran has to be in routine manner from now on," it said.