Larijani: Europe's Readiness for Nuclear Talks with Iran Positive

December 5, 2005

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  • Nuclear

Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said here Monday that Europe's readiness to hold nuclear talks with Iran was a "positive step".

Larijani made the remark while talking to domestic and foreign reporters as he was commenting on Iran's stance on nuclear activities.

"We try to hold constructive and serious talks and reach a logical solution. If so, the talks will continued for more than months."

"We are determined to ensure that talks will be serious and acceptable. The negotiations will focus on main bones of contention," he said.

The SNSC stressed, "We will not discuss other topics. Neither economic incentives nor other issues will be raised."

"Enrichment will be discussed. On nuclear fuel, we intend to reiterate that nuclear technology is an important issue for Iran."

"We believe talks with Europe is a win-win game. It means Iran will be able to enjoy enrichment technology inside the country."

"This is the Iranians' national demand. The Europeans will also win since they will be confident no diversion will take place in this issue." Larijani further stated, "We have had close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). We strived to respond to the IAEA questions within the frameworks of its regulations so the agency would make sure that Iran is after peaceful nuclear technology."

"Iran also tried to give answers to certain questions raised by representatives of various states. After Russia and China had expressed readiness to hold talks with Iran, representatives of the three European states (Germany, France, and Britain) also expressed readiness for nuclear talks."

Asked about recent remark by the Zionist regime's officials on a military attack on Iran, he said, "It was not the first time they made such remarks. I recommend you not to take such words seriously."

"Iran is a powerful country...A country which has powerful forces and good potentials cannot be treated in this manner."