Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani Offers Advice to the New U.S. Administration

November 30, 2008

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  • United States

Majlis speaker, Ali Larijani, on Sunday advised the new US Administration not to fall into trap set by President George W. Bush consistent with Iran.

Larijani said that the Democrats' Iran containment policy has also failed and that the new US Administration should come to terms with Iran.

He said President-elect Barack Obama should get away from the containment policy once cherished by the Democrats as well.

Larijani said that he seriously believes that the West led by the US should change its attitude towards Iran regarding the country's peaceful nuclear activities.

"If this time Europeans comes to the table with a different attitude for talks to settle the dispute over nuclear program, we can reach a tangible success and grounds would be prepared for further cooperation," Larijani exclusively told IRNA.

He cited the US sabotage in the way of resolving the dispute over Iranian nuclear program.

The speaker also noted, "No progress would be made within the previous frameworks.

"Now conditions are different both for us and for them and we should take advantage of this change."

Stressing the need for solving the nuclear crisis by talks, the speaker said, "It is important to change language and move out of the previous narrow-minded frameworks."