Majlis Speaker Larijani Criticizes IAEA Director General Mohamed Elbaradei's Latest Report on Iran

November 22, 2008

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  • Nuclear

Majlis speaker Ali Larijani on Saturday criticized the International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei for raising baseless concerns in his latest report on Iran.

Calling ElBaradei's report as ambiguous, Larijani said: "So, it seems we will hear double-standard statements from the agency forever."

He told IRNA that the report has been influenced by the US accusations.

"They have derailed Iran's nuclear program from technical issue to political ends," he said.

"If the agency were determined to deal with their concerns about Iran's peaceful nuclear program, they must do it in the context of the Modality Plan signed by the two parties."
Majlis speaker added that IAEA duty is supervision; however, the UN nuclear watchdog's report expresses concerns "extra than the nuclear agency's mandate".

Iran has resolved all the outstanding issues with IAEA in the context of a Modality Plan.

ElBaradei's Wednesday report on Iran has been influenced by the US accusation over alleged studies.

The US says that there is a laptop as document to prove that Iran had carried studies to produce bomb and Washington is refusing to hand over the laptop as an evidence saying that the data in the laptop will help Iran to achieve its goal.

The US says the laptop belongs to Iran, but, its data should not be revealed to Iran as evidence.