Mottaki: Russian Proposal a Ground for Tehran-Moscow Understanding

January 25, 2006

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  • Nuclear

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here Wednesday that Tehran believes the components of the Russian proposal will prepare the ground for an understanding between the two sides.

"We think the components of the Russian proposal, including the site for enrichment or members of the joint ventures and certain other issues, would prepare the ground for an understanding between the two parties," said Mottaki in a joint press conference with his Indonesian counterpart.

Referring to the visit of the Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani to Russia, Mottaki said the second round of talks between Iran and Russia on the issue is slated for February 16.

He stressed continued cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), saying, "We have in the course of peaceful nuclear activities in our country been considering ourselves committed to cooperation with the Agency based on the NPT charter and the (Iran-IAEA) cooperation was and is in effect." Referring to the continuation of inspections and talks with IAEA officials, Mottaki said a delegation, headed by deputy IAEA chief, is visiting Tehran and talks are continuing on the sidelines of legal inspections of Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.

As for British Prime Minister Tony Blair's assertions about the Holocaust conference in Iran, Mottaki said the language of the claims was 'unfriendly, incorrect and irrelevant'.

He said the role of the UK in illegally establishing the Zionist Regime in heart of the Islamic world and the deployment by that regime of different means of suppression as well as nuclear weapons and a string of assistance and cooperation with that regime is quite evident to all.

Moreover, the British government's condoning of, turning a blind eye to and negligence towards the Zionist regime's brutal crimes and massacre of the Palestinians and its silence on the trampling of the rights of the Palestinians mark yet another chapter in the bitter tragedy brought about by the British government's actions on the Palestinian issue, he declared.

"We welcome British Prime Minister Tony Blair's proposal for inspection of the centers of Holocaust and we are ready to assign impartial research teams which will not be inclined towards the perpetrators of the crimes and the Zionist Regime, to Europe to inspect the centers mentioned by Blair." He deplored Blair's terming of an academic seminar to investigate the Holocaust event with an unworthy language.

He stressed that in the Islamic Republic of Iran's security doctrine there is no place for nuclear weapons.

He said the issue is based on Iranians' religious beliefs and that has time and again been emphasized by the Islamic Republic of Iran's leaders.