Mottaki Sends Letter to UN Chief, Member States

February 28, 2008

Foreign Minister of Iran Manouchehr Mottaki sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday criticizing efforts by some countries to raise baseless allegations about Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.

The letter was simultaneously sent to members of the UN Security Council as well as the international body's General Assembly.

Part of the letter said: "The pretexts on the basis of which the Iranian nuclear issue was put on the agenda of the IAEA and then became the basis for unwarranted and unlawful action of the Security Council were the so-called ambiguities and allegations on the Iranian nuclear program introduced by few certain countries who, by exaggerating those ambiguities, attempted to put into question the peaceful nature of the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran and mark it as concealment, and non-transparent or unlawful behavior.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, for removing any ambiguities, about its peaceful nuclear activities and resolution of the remaining issues, reached an understanding on August 21, 2007 on a work plan with the IAEA.

"On the basis of the work plan, an exhausted list of six issues, included "Research on Plutonium", "P1& P2 Centrifuges", "Source of Contamination", "Uranium Metal Document", "Polonium 210" and "Gachine Mine" presented by the Agency to Iran.

"Despite the initial agreement, based on which we were supposed to address the past remaining issues, the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the basis of its goodwill and in line with further cooperation with the Agency, considered also the present issues. Therefore, negotiations on two important legal documents, i.e. "Safeguards Approach Document" and "Facility Attachment" for Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) in Natanz started and then were concluded, and finally centered into force on September 30, 2007.

"Accordingly, the implementation of these documents has provided necessary assurances for the verification of enrichment activities in Iran for the present time and in future.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran in implementation of the work plan has made utmost transparency and has fully cooperated with the Agency and even concluded the work plan much sooner than the scheduled timeline.

"It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the work plan needed 18 months but the Islamic Republic of Iran implemented it within six months.

"The report of the Agency on February 22, 2008 has clearly and evidently declared that six "remaining issues" have been resolved by the IAEA.

"The agency has also declared that the current nuclear activities in Iran are under its monitoring and the Agency has been able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear materials and activities in Iran.

"Thus, all the so-called justifications and flawed foundations for the UN Security Council's action on this issue are vanished and it shows that the resolutions previously adopted by the Security council lack any legal and technical justifications and originated solely from political and malicious objectives of certain countries.

"Naturally, the continuation of this trend would undermine the credibility of the Security Council and would weaken the integrity and position of the IAEA, which should be the sole component authority for nuclear activities of the member states and it would represent another wrong step.

"The agency's report is a clear indication of the lawful, transparent and responsible behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its nuclear activities and also of the fulfillment of its obligations and commitments in this regard.

"The great nation of Iran, along with fulfillment of its obligations, does not demand anything rather that the exercising of its inalienable rights under the provisions of international bodies by certain countries would not manage to compel our nation to abandon its inalienable rights."
Mottaki said that the legitimate expectation of the international community is that those states who misled international for a with their baseless allegations and accusations through their politically motivated actions and propaganda against the peaceful nuclear program of Iran, should take action to remedy their mistakes.