NIE, IAEA Reports Prove Groundless U.S. Allegation

December 13, 2007

Iran's Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Khazaei said here Wednesday that the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report clearly showed that the US long-standing allegations against Tehran's nuclear program have been entirely groundless.

"The NIE report has reversed some of its own previous conclusions made in 2005 against Iran's peaceful nuclear program. It attested to the fact that the very pretexts, by which Iran's nuclear program was referred to the Security Council have been from the outset flawed and unfounded," Khazaei said in a letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

He added, "The report exposed the US past attempts to distort intelligence to pursue its politically-motivated ends with regard to Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

"It also demonstrated that the US has been engaged in a systematic and relentless fear-mongering campaign in relation to a so-called nuclear weapons program of Iran that has been simply an illusion and has never existed in order to deliberately mislead the Security Council and push it to take unlawful actions against Iran." Iran's permanent representative went on, "It is noteworthy that in the wake of the said report the IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei stressed that Iran has been vindicated in saying it has not been working on a weapons program.

"I wish to make it clear that the NIE report contained certain baseless allegations including among others its fictitious supposition that Iran had been working on a so-called nuclear weapons program before 2003. These allegations are totally unfounded and we categorically reject them."
"Iran's nuclear program has been, is, and will remain absolutely peaceful. This position of Iran has also been confirmed by the IAEA reports which have found no evidence or indication that any military nuclear program has ever existed in our country," he said.

Khazaei added, "The IAEA has on numerous occasions stressed that it has not seen any diversion of nuclear materials to nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices in Iran. Such allegations of the NIE report have also been rejected by some permanent members of the Security Council in the past and also in the aftermath of the of the NIE report."
"Numerous IAEA reports, particularly the most recent one, together with the NIE report as well as various assertions and statements made by international figures and some members of the Security Council, all testify that Iran neither had any military nuclear program in the past nor does it possess any such program at present," he stressed.

"In view of all these assertions and reports, there has never been any justification for the involvement of the Security Council in this issue, and therefore, the measures taken by the Council thus far lack basis."
"As it has been time and again stressed by various Iranian officials, Iran's nuclear program has been and remains under the full monitoring of the IAEA.

"Iran has thus far taken various essential steps and has exercised a great deal of good will and indulgence in its cooperation with the IAEA, and has taken important confidence-building measures which go even far beyond its treaty obligations," the letter continued.

It said, "Iran will continue its constructive cooperation with the IAEA as the sole competent body to deal with this issue.

"Iran's cooperation with the IAEA based on the Work Plan, concluded between the two sides in August 2007, is advancing in a positive, timely and satisfactory manner and as a result, some of the most important outstanding issues have already been resolved and others are to be discussed with a view to their final resolution." The envoy stated that all Iranian nuclear activities including the enrichment are carried out according to the IAEA Statute, the NPT and the comprehensive safeguards agreement and are under the full and continuous monitoring of the Agency.

"Such a robust cooperation on the part of Iran has led to the IAEA's constant conclusion that no indication of diversion has been seen in Iran's nuclear activities."
"In light of the above, time has come for the Security Council to put an end to its unlawful consideration of Iran's nuclear issue and to send the dossier back to its technical and competent forum, namely the IAEA," Khazaei said.

He urged the Security Council to allow the IAEA to perform its functions free from any pressure.

"Unquestionably, any further involvement by the Security Council in this regard will have no justification and will only complicate the situation and undermine the credibility and authority of the IAEA."